two millenial girls carrying organic cotton black and red backpack

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We love to see your interest in our brand and the charities we support. We are working very hard to reach as many people as possible, as an ambassador we expect you to do the same. In return, you will receive free products and get commission earning potential. With your help we can save the nature and spread the word.


Some criteria to keep in mind before contacting us about becoming an ambassador.

- You have a considerable great following.

- You are interested in making a positive change in saving the nature and spreading the word.

- You love our bags and want to spread your opinion with your following.


Interested? Fill out the form below or contact us via our social media pages! Please also mention your social media accounts so we can have a look at your content.

blonde millenial girl walking stairs with red organic cotton bag

Some things to write about

- The interaction with your followers

- Upcoming travels

- Your spirit animal, and why?